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Hog and dairy producers have come to trust Nooyen Tri-Bar worldwide for its quality. It is our goal to continue that tradition. Every new idea, new concept and every next floor we produce, meets high quality standards.





Nooyen guarantees all materials in the product range are of high quality:


The chemistry of the steel determines the quality of the final products. Tri-Bar floors are constructed of steel that is made to Nooyen's strict specifications. We roll the round rod into triangle shape using the cold-form method. The triangle-shaped steel is then cut to custom length bars and welded into panels.



All Tri-Bar panels are welded on a large, fully automated Mig welding machine. Mig welding provides adequate penetration in the steel, unlike resistance or spot welding. In tensile strength tests of mig welding versus resistance welding, the mig weld was 4 times stronger than resistance welding. Over the lifespan of the flooring, 10-20 years, mig welding withstands the constant movement and heavy weight of the pigs on top of the floor. Resistance welding is known to have breakage in the welding points within a few years.


The Tri-Bar floors are hot-dipped in our very own fully automated galvanizing plant. The process is computer controlled and tested, resulting in a high quality finish. This process produces flooring with a zinc thickness that exceeds the industrial standards of The American Society of Testing and Materials.



We take pride in producing and shipping orders on time. All orders are most carefully loaded with zero damage. Our years in this business have given us an opportunity to learn how important customer service is to business success. The finest product in the world is of little value if not delivered accurately, on-time and in optimal condition.