Dairy Waste Systems

The Tri-Bar Weep Wall System is the most cost effective, solid-liquid separation solution, offering a long-lasting, maintenance free alternative for dairies of any size or location.

Tri-Bar Weep Walls
Tri-Bar Weep Walls
Tri-Bar Weep Walls
Tri-Bar Weep Walls
Tri-Bar Weep Walls

Tri-Bar Weep Wall System


Using Tri-Bar Weep Walls, manure does not have to be hauled daily or weekly. Depending on weather conditions it can be hauled monthly or quarterly giving you more time to manage your herd. Land application of manure is planned, not demanded. YOU decide when to haul the manure, freeing up your time to perform other functions.

Used in dairies of any size or location

Our systems have been installed and succesfully managed manure for herds from 20 to 20,000 cows in over 17 states as well as other countries.

Provides valuable soil amendment

With our system you can plan land application as you would any fertilizer application. Consider manure to be an additional resource not waste.

High quality

Tri-Bar is made of 3/8 inch triangle shaped steel bars with a 3/8 inch opening, which reduces plugged holes.  The panels are hot dipped galvanized on site, in our newly constructed state of the art galvanizing facility.

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