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About Us

Nooyen Manufacturing is the original producer of Tri-Bar Hog Flooring. Over 35 years ago, Mr. Nooyen and his sons were looking for a better floor for the family sow farm in Holland. The Nooyen brothers tried the products that were available but they wanted a product that was more durable, offered better comfort and was less expensive.

After experimenting with several designs, they designed the "Original'' Triangular Shaped Steel known today all over the world. Tri-Bar was found to be the best on the market for pig comfort, cleanliness and ease of maintenance. Today, Nooyen has several production facilities worldwide where steel, coated and cast-iron pig floors are produced.

Today, in our Mt. Sterling, Kentucky plant we manufacture The Original Tri-Bar pig floors for distribution throughout the United States and Mexico. The most recent addition in the Kentucky plant is our newly constructed state-of-the-art galvanizing facility. From steel coil to finished product. Nooyen does it all in one location. The same craftsmanship that made Tri-Bar Pig Flooring a success has carried over to the dairy industry with the Tri-Bar Weep Wall Manure Management System; now with over ten years experience producing Tr-Bar Weep Walls.